Depthcam uses Kinect and HTML5 to let you pan and zoom live 3D video

“Developer George MacKerron has what that he thinks could be the future of webcams, or, well, something. He took a Kinect and gave birth to the depthcam, which produces a live video stream with 3D space that you can move through. Like Lytro’s adjustable focus images, the video that the depthcam produces is interactive — click and drag to virtually pan the camera, and use the scroll wheel to zoom. While it’s not the first Kinect-powered interactive experience we’ve seen, it is all presented in a black and white 3D point-cloud and, best of all, it runs using HTML5 in Chrome. We’re not completely sure what applications this will have in the future (MacKerron suggests a web-based video game), but take a look at the video below to see it in…

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-Sent from Weave for Windows Phone 7

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