Boeing unveils virtual 737 aircraft built using Microsoft’s Cloud

Boeing unveils virtual 737 aircraft built using Microsoft’s Cloud

Boeing introduced a virtual 3D-like model of its iconic 737 aircraft on Tuesday.

The model features high-resolution imagery of the entire Boeing 737 aircraft, allowing enthusiasts and potential passengers to cruise around one of the world’s best-selling airplane in aviation history. Boeing teamed up with Microsoft to create the online site, built from Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.

“We were looking for a new way to communicate the essence of the Boeing 737,” said Diana Klug, director of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “737 Explained is one of the best marketing tools I’ve seen because it allows us to show prospective customers the new features and improvements without bringing them to an airport.”

Microsoft’s Azure platform stores the 737 Explained project data. The model includes more than 20,000 high-resolution photographs that make up a 32-gigapixel image of the entire plane. Boeing has also incorporated Microsoft’s Silverlight Deep Zoom technology which allows for viewers to experience a 360-degree tour of the plane.

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