Making Information Coherent with a Personal Knowledge Integrator – a Knower

This poster was chosen as one of two outstanding posters (out of 83) at EdMedia 2011 in Lisbon. The photograph is terrible and I will post a better one after rebuilding the poster (it is modular). The poster was designed as a 3D physical prototype which had to be folded back into 2D as the space was not as promised. The process of working on the design of a piece of 3D software in a physical way was both exhilarating and enlightening. It was also very encouraging to have a high level of interest during the session and then later at the PLE 2011 conference. The work will continue.


This poster shows how a Personal Knowledge Integrator (PKI) can make the torrent of information which pours towards us while learning, teaching, and indeed, in all aspects of our lives, more coherent. It presents a project in progress following a design science (Nunamaker 1991) approach to the design, implementation and evaluation of a framework for an instance of a modular Personal Knowledge Integrator utilizing a Microsoft Silverlight Rich Internet Application (RIA) working across multiple platforms including PC’s and mobile phones extending and synchronising with a federation of Learning Management Systems, Personal Learning Environments and other sources and sinks of information.

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