Sun after Storm

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After a weekend rain now the sun shines and today my task of rebuilding my computer is continuing. This has taken aeons are I add more and more pieces of software. In the weekend I duplicated my disk drive using Acronis and am running on the clone. This means that on a regular basis now I can copy the whole drive so if some beta software I install causes a problem I do not have to start the whole process again. I have been told that I can do exactly he same with Virtual PC.

Today I have installed Photosynth.

I have a list of technologies to explore and list them here as a reminder

  • DeepZoom
  • PopFly
  • Grava
  • PerformancePoint
  • IMM – INteractive Media Manager
  • BBFlashback Version (can merge with Webcam which would be great for deaf people)
  • Ulead
  • HealthVault
  • Live Mesh API
  • Microsoft Pro Photo Tools
  • Outlook Mobile
  • Listas
  • Volta
  • SSDS
  • Windows Live API
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Virtual Earth/MapCruncher
  • Mastering Biology
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Silverlight/WPF/Expression
  • Litware Photoshare
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